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About Us

About Us

About Focus Fitwear

Mission Statement: Going beyond your limits with Focus Fitwear.

My name is Sheri Borchardt, I’m the founder of Focus Fitwear. I became interested in rowing in 2006 after seeing my 2 oldest sons passion be ignited by the sport.  Being a single mom raising teenagers, I became concerned for their future, when my oldest son became unmotivated and was struggling in school, and my second son was more challenged in sports, since he was flat footed.

A friend recommended rowing and once they started to row, I saw a major improvement in their attitudes, motivation, and confidence.  The son who was more challenged with sports ended his high school year, as state champion, regional champion, and finishing 9th in the nation at Nationals in a quad.

I became inspired by my boys and started rowing, soon after I joined the master's team in Miami Beach.  I never participated in team sports growing up, so being able to compete in a sport was a new challenge for me.  I not only found a love for a sport, but also discovered a new way to bond with my boys.  I knew then, that I wanted to find a way to combine work, family, and exercise all in one.

While competing at Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga, TN in November 2007, in a master Women's 8, and having a extremely difficult row, I searched on the back of the rower in front of me for a focus point, to keep my mind calm, but there was nothing for me to focus on. 

After that row, the idea of making rowing apparel with a logo that had a focus point was planted.

I began observing the existing apparel being used at the regattas and brainstorming ways to improve the rowing apparel.

January 2008, I assisted my son's coach on the water during practice, by video taping the novice boat, I observed the coach and listened to the words that he used.  The coach would yell to the kids to focus on the back of the person in front of them, I noticed once they did this, there was a shift in balance in the boat, after that he would yell power 10, and the boat would move.  I kept hearing over and over three words:  Focus, Balance, and Power.

I thought of a way to incorporate a logo with these 3 words by finding symbols that would represent them, and almost immediately the design of the Focus Fitwear logo came about.

With intense focus, one will have balance, with focus and balance one will have the power to endure and succeed.

The logo placed on the back of the apparel provides a positive focus point for the athlete that may find themselves challenged at keeping their focus during a race or training.

The patented pocketed unisuit is the first of its kind.  No competitor in the market has offered this to clubs or rowers.

A pocketed unisuit and shorts that would allow the rower to have a secure place to carry a water bottle, socks, inhalers, medications, stroke coach, Goo Gels, Id's, etc. to the water while racing, and also a place to carry tools, nuts and bolts for rigging, money, cell phone, chap stick, sunscreen, etc., while not racing, especially while using the porta potties.

When designing the first shorts and unisuits, I observed many times how the competitors apparel lacked in giving full coverage.  Especially when rowers bet over to pick up boats, stretched, exercised, etc., everything was noticeable.  Even if some competitors sewed fabric half way across their bottoms, the top portion of bottoms were still see thru, and you had a seam sewn half way across your back end to sit on.

The idea was to make the double lining be part of the design not looking as an after thought, or as scrap fabric sewn together to provide half coverage.

I chose orange as the lining because it is my favorite color.  Orange represents strength and endurance as well as being a color that I felt was vibrant like Miami Beach, FL where the company began.

Initially designed for rowers, Focus Fitwear's apparel has been used for many other sports such as volleyball, rollerblading, running, yoga, tennis, etc.

Focus Fitwear collaborates with a small group of women who sew out of a home facility, and who have decades of experience.  All apparel is 100% American made in Miami, FL.